Thursday, 15 March 2018


A NICE WALK THIS MORNING then a mad last minute tidy up of the airbnb for today's guests before a quick trip into mildura for lunch with di and donnie.  Painted in the afternoon - sheep are the most annoying shapes and all that wool!!  so hard to capture in oils  grrrrr!  more to do tomorrow.
guests are settled in now, the sunset tonight was like a glowing blanket over the river

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


I'M SITTING IN BED making lists - to do lists and checklists as i begin to wrap up the book :0)
After a long 3way conversation with the publishing people i now know what i need to do to finish the book. nothing major, i now have a good idea of how the cover can be.  phew.  feels good.  also have some good Illustrator and Photoshop tips from mimmo on how to achieve a couple of things i didn't know how to do.  all good :0)

anne, steve and mimmo came over on monday for a barbie - a divine evening of cooler weather, just balmy.  after mid 30's we're down to 20's this week  

YESTERDAY  -  the baby darters near the Wentworth bridge are almost full size.  a strange mix of soft and cuddly and weird and prehistoric 

gorgeous little wren - so hard to photograph

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


YESTERDAY i solved a problem.  one piece of artwork has been giving me grief, just trying to resolve my original idea, an old photo of two boys and their kelpie puppy and a large pic of them reunited as young men after WWll.  the big colour pic and small photo (a monoprint) just didn't gel on the page.
but now i've rejigged the colour pic to become another photo on the page of an old album -  it'll work.  still in the process of working it
out but now i only have one spread to sort out. AND the cover - no real ideas

very happy to crop out some sheep, work to do on these - most unconvincing

Sunday, 11 March 2018


A LONG WALK in the morning, swans and darters with young ones, lots of other things to photograph and enjoy.  but i do miss having Artback to visit, to do the Xword and run into people

very strange babies these birds have

demanding too 

    i have a big soft spot for this sculpture on the wentworth wharf - john egge, of chinese descent, began as a trader and became a major figure on the river - i need to check more details, right now that's all i can say but he was a major figure here.

the rowers
club this
coming back
from an
early morning
on the water
the young swan family - i saw the swan on the nest months ago then
lost track - lovely to see them all on a sunday promenade this morning


 wrens, so hard
to photograph -
not only shy
but so quick
to disappear

Saturday, 10 March 2018


I WALKED UP TO THE LIBRARY this morning, bags and all.  it's not far and i like Newcastle, it's a real mish mash of buildings styles, eras, semi tropical green spaces and of course the busy industrial waterfront.  A little bit like geelong.

Two sessions then off to the airport.  a long day of flying, first to melbourne then home, driving just before absolute dark and home by 9.  after two days of mild sunshine i arrived to a very warm house. hot again this weekend but this morning is cool so i'm off for a walk.

these two drew
one cat between
them, lining them
up for the photo
was the tricky
bit :0)  funny boys 

goodbye newcastle, hullo home

Friday, 9 March 2018


TWO SESSIONS IN THE MORNING -  a mix of independent schools and home schooled students.
we drew faces in the first group and good old cats in the second. it was a lively morning with some great drawings.   nice to walk large groups around the exhibition too.

loved the expression and confident drawing style of this girl,  oldest sister of a group of seven home schooled kids with another sibling due very soon.

FRAN came up from sydney and it was great to sit on the waterfront and eat beautiful japanese food on a perfect sunny day.  newcastle's port is busy and there are restaurants along the water's edge. i'm sorry i don't seem to have any spare time to walk or swim. we visited the exhibition then i rushed back to my room, changed and walked up to the opening at 6 o'clock.   not a lot of people but all really interested and lots of questions afterwards from other illustrators and graphic designers getting started on book project. and a visit from natalia and irina, two women who collect illustration and have bought a lot of mine. and i met Liz Anelli, very nice illustrator who's also just made the notables book list.  i must look her up

on the walk down to lunch

this gorgeous white
faced heron was
just strolling
around on his

                     very dramatic brett whiteley sculpture
                     outside the newcastle gallery

inside the war memorial building that is now the library
building, built in 1957 and full of amazing surfaces

this terrazo floor for instance, and walls that look like
green lino, lots of curved corners

liz anelli on the right, very nice, must keep in touch

Thursday, 8 March 2018


A FLIGHT TO SYDNEY then on to newcastle on wednesday, got to my accommodation to crash around 5.  the exhibition is looking great and my apartment is terrific.  what a shame isobelle isn't here, her ticket never actually got cancelled and if we'd known she could've had two days holiday here staying with me.  it's lovely. a pity i don't have more time to look around. so many different kinds of architecture and all around a busy port.


   the blow up is amazing, reproduction is good