Friday, 13 January 2017


I WAS 10 MINUTES LATE - had intentions of driving out to perry sandhills to photograph the moon coming up over the horizon, but it was already up as i headed off, so i raced down to the darling river to get it over the water. a bunch of kids were swimming and as i lined up a shot, a young kid came racing down the hill on a bike and rode straight into the water.  not sure how they got the bike out again :0\  it was submerged when i left


SAYAKA'S SENT a wonderful grab-bag of new pics of mara and cal - great to see the whole family looking so good


BIRDS EVERYWHERE TODAY - on the golf course, near the footy oval, on the darling, and right next door, i got home from my walk to find the family of swans right down on the riverbank over the fence.

I walked back through
the cemetery, this porcelain
decoration on a grave has
been there since 1962, the
year my house was built.
and it's in perfect condition,
i'm always impressed when
these delicate things don't
get damaged.
my new visitors

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


THE SKY HAS BEEN ABLAZE this week, long spectacular sunsets and now the full moon will be here tomorrow

Monday, 9 January 2017


HOT WEATHER is an inducement to enjoy the airconditioned comfort of the cinema :0) so i've seen two films on the weekend, both good.
really enjoyed this one and the lead, hailee steinfeld,was terrific.

good old woody harrelson is her wry, funny teacher

Sunday, 8 January 2017


IT'S BEEN 40 the last couple of days, but the cooler in the house is keeping the temp ok to work in.  I've finished the botanical illustration and a swan lake piece that needed darkening.

i received a beautiful handpainted card from elisabeth cummings this week with a lovely message thanking me for the time she and euan mcleod and michael kempson spent here last year, they drew and painted on the riverbank before we all had dinner on the lawn.  i've lost all these photos from my library so i'm glad to have a record of that day here on the blog from last january

went in to see a movie and escape the heat yesterday and had a drink with sonja and helen afterwards.   'Why Him?'  with bryan cranston and james franco.  a funny film

Friday, 6 January 2017


I'M ENJOYING my two current commissions, drawing a gorgeous wedding dress in graphite and another botanical illustration for Fossey's Gin labels, this time a navel orange for their naval strength (57%) gin


LAST NIGHT i met sonja and helen and fossey's headquarters for a tasting paddle under the grapevines.   very nice

on the way home . . . 

and later . . .

and still later . . .


HELEN'S daughter jenny sent me this lovely photo - great to see helen looking so well and relaxed

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Tuesday, 3 January 2017



I'M BROADENING MY HORIZONS - heading out into the country with friends and my new swag.    Lake walla walla is about 2 1/2 hours away and i took the car.  not a good idea, i won't do that again - i'll get a lift.   very rough corrugated stony roads, to rough for bluey.   but the destination was gorgeous, my swag is amazingly easy to put up and so comfortable and airy.  i went with sue and derek, and their friends (now mine)  rob and geoff.   very warm days and lovely cool nights

rob takes charge of the toilet digging spade :0)
amazing box tree - dead now but impressive

i love these spectacular orb weavers -
their webs are golden, magic
     so here are the pelicans that are missing from my place

in the magic swag, i drifted off in the sun
    geoff, sue, me, rob and derek