Friday, 26 August 2016


LOTS OF DRAWINGS TODAY - a workshop with grade 5s at the merbein primary school and a talk in Mildura at the library in the evening.

but first, at last,
time to get up
 and walk to the
newsagent and have
 a coffee at artback,
a beautiful still
sunny day

chef john with ava and alfie, not to mention sally and marty the king charles spaniels enjoying their tidbits from the kitchen at
artback cafe
on the way home - jeanette's fence is bowing under the weight of her amazing lorraine lee roses, the entire length of the block and about 8 ft high

driving in, only in sunraysia . . .

Love this - it has a wonderful feel, 2 minutes
later it was gone, rubbed into a completely
different image
at merbein library, students from the nearby school did charcoal portraits after first drawing an apple, looking at light and shade    and highlights - how to create a 3D effect

concentrating on
eyes, getting the
highlight in there.
i love the diversity
of the kids' take
on my demo.

driving home - this new vineyard-to-be is staked in absolutely perfect straight lines, driving past it reminds me of the arlington cemetery in washington, the patterns created as you pass the rows.

in the evening, after the initial scare of the laptop refusing to see my slideshow of images, asha from the library managed to get it up and running for me,  phew!!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


i just caught the 
tail end of it

ah, the old goods train at merbein

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

WORKSHOP at the art centre

I TOOK THE WORKSHOP KIDS on a tour of the exhibition first, then we went to an interesting house next door that the council has acquired -  a cream brick 60's house with nice full length paned windows, lots of light, polished floors, perfect for workshops.
We drew an apple, an egg
 and a face, looking at lightsources and working
 with charcoal and
 a rubber


A wee wet person
- cute-o-meter over the top!

Monday, 22 August 2016


DEAR AUNTIE BET has died, aged 96 i think - mum's oldest friend, they'd been friends for over eighty years when mum died.  we all have fond memories of holidays with the margries, rosebud seaside holidays.

mum, bet and bet's sister joy

                         dear auntie bet and her handsome
                         husband uncle john


A WALK ON THE ISLAND, a big brekky and the thrill of unwrapping all our concertina books - that was yesterday, then getting dinner ready for friends over from mildura and curlwaa for a meal of local produce bought yesterday - asparagus, blood orange for our 'ruby moon cocktails', a selection of vanilla slices, friend marie's pickled asparagus, you name it :0)   it was sandra and patrick's last night, i saw them off this morning and it's been a veg out day on the couch testing out the wood heater after the guy came to change the noisy fan.  

big brekky of free range eggs in
a gorgeous range of colours
vanilla slices from five bakeries, i think 28 entered - i haven't found out
the winner yet, but we voted for bayswater bakery in melbourne

Sunday, 21 August 2016


AFTER A COLD DAY of heavy rain saturday was a bit of everything. we farewelled last night's airbnb guests in sun and blue sky but the day was in turn icy and windy, cloudy and grey, really warm and sunny.  what to wear :-O

after brekky and the papers - sandra did some drawing on the riverbank - we headed into mildura to visit aroundagain, our trusty tip shop.
we stopped at a garage sale that turned out to be classic country stuff, an earthy old farm wife who chatted away, lots of interesting old stuff out of the shed, all on a lovely farm that looked out over the landscape.

yes, there is a vanilla slice superhero!
we all bought a few goodies and continued on through merbein, where the annual Great Australian Vanilla Slice competition was being judged. the whole main street was stalls, many of them selling the vanilla slices that were entered. we bought a selection from six bakeries for dinner tonight, friends are coming over.

don't laugh, this is serious  -  the judging tent, no admittance!
wentworth friend marie and her fabulous product
merbein main street was busy busy
never a shortage of fresh fruit and veg in sunraysia

there was a market too, so we came home in the afternoon loaded up with produce, free range eggs, asparagus, citrus, jars of jam and relishes, all wonderful.  then dinner at the pub - the artback campers were all having dinner ready to head off up past broken hill for a week of making art.

BACK HOME we had a bit of a rest then out to the shed to make some concertina books.  the copper simmered away into the evening, turned off at dark so this morning will be the grand unwrappings :0)   

we've each made
two snake concertina books, and two small
concertinas, pat also
made a very cute
folded boat, can't 
wait to see how they 
all turned out

BACK HOME we had a bit of a rest then out to the shed to make some concertina books.  the copper simmered away into the evening, turned off at dark so this morning will be the grand unwrappings :0)  

OFF TO THE PUB FOR TEA   sandra and patrick met an old friend from melbourne, photographer chris parks

                               love the paper tablecloths,
                               we played word mastermind

these pics really pick up the atmosphere, it was a really buzzy friendly opening on thursday, the gallery was full and the atmosphere lovely.
i like this pic of sonja gazing into the showcase, and blurry scarlett running by

i like this too, danielle, who opened the show and daughter scarlett
my sketchbooks from 15 year old days

cousin gordon searle on the left, indispensable sue james, friend in need who lent me the fabulous electric copper for the fabric workshops and came to the rescue with her ute when my work for the exhibition wouldn't fit through my car door. ex-belmont high so would you expect less??