Monday, 11 December 2017


MY MACS are all updated and happy and home on the river so i'm back on the blog after a week and a bit away and socialising.
Lovely times spent with friends, my book launch, xmas drinks, shopping and generally having down time.   very nice

HAYSTACKS? or giant marshmallows

STAYED AT HELEN AND DON'S  After a day on the road what better than a roast lamb dinner and a game of scrabble with my great nephew finn  :0)   thanks don for a great meal  -  another great meal :0)

details from a
large painting
helen has on

the go

Monday, 4 December 2017


I'M DOWN SOUTH AGAIN   i caught the Edith Head exhibition at bendigo gallery on thursday on the way down to jenny's for a catch up with the crew in torquay


Drove up to Melbourne friday morning to see the court case of Children's Book Council and the sentencing of Gerry Flynn - i was very pleased to be there to see him admitting his theft but the case didn't finish that day and i'm too tired after the weekend to drive back today.  
My book launch was on saturday and i was thrilled to have so many people there, people i really wanted to see. it was a lovely afternoon and after so much rain it was great to get such an attendance. i sold all my books.
my dear editor erica and libby :0)

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

AWAKE AT 2.15am

IT'S HOT but the days are dry and still, not bad but i can't sleep tonight. i've just been outside to photograph the moon which was shining straight in my bedroom window.

Yesterday from the riverbank

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


SUNNY'S HOME AGAIN and i'll get back into the book today - drawing an atom bomb sky   -  lots of water soluble graphite and water i think

we were watching 'the player',
a robert altmann film the other night and suddenly there was
the jacket i bought in the op
shop in melbourne years ago.

Sunday, 26 November 2017


- the art vault launch went beautifully, lots
 of people, sold lots of books, rob did the intro with his usual style, sunny very kindly manned the bar

a very nice roomful of people and young finn japp brought along his violin and played in the background

with holly, who modelled so beautifully for the swan queen

                      queueing with books to be signed

Saturday, 25 November 2017


OUT TO THE AIRPORT friday morning to pick up sunny, she's looking great. we op shopped the morning away then came home via lake hawthorn. barbecue tea on the verandah, the days are hot
but it's lovely in the mornings and evenings

red necked avocets are on the lake in their 100s


to do my blog!

it's been a hot week, about
35 every day, cooler on,
only walking if i can get
out early enough.
then working inside
with half the blinds
I've been working on the
book - i have half the
artwork done now. this is
just a tiny section of a
double page spread, but
it looks really pretty
isolated like this

also getting ready for
the book launch on


good old terry
the filter on the pump has been hard
to clean because it was so wobbly i
couldn't get it undone. terry the pump
man has secured it for me and didn't
charge me :0)  too kind

Tuesday, 21 November 2017


 A WALK before it got too hot,  down to the lock

Then a day of wrangling with adobe and online stuff, trying to get back into inDesign.  everything's on the cloud now - i'm going to need help

AN EVENING STROLL around the garden
and down to the riverbank