Tuesday, 24 April 2018


AFTER SYDNEY i chained myself to the laptop and tried to get all the scans finished. i'm over being intimidated by the task i've set myself, it's almost done and i think it's all ok.

i've done some work on 'skip' but it's completely unresolved. i'm hoping he's at the stage where everything's thrown out there, and now it just has to settle into place. sounds easy  :0+

a walk around varuna's garden

a last walk around the clifftop walk, 2 hours from varuna to the 3 sisters then the prince henry walk back up and around to echo point and home.  so busy - school holidays and weekend, tourist buses everywhere

 AUTUMN - it's all happened this week, glorious

MONDAY MORNING,  everything's done, work finished, car
packed up so it's goodbye to dias and rose.  nick and jane left yesterday
I'D FORGOTTEN what a drive i'd set myself for today, katoomba to deniliquin.  it said 8 hours + on google maps but i drove from 9.15 to 7.15 without much stopping.  got to deniliquin in the dark and had a fine old time finding my motel, it's way out on the edge of town.  all good this morning, tuesday.  heading to helen's before i go home.  an easy day of driving and op shopping.

a lot of smoke haze around from burning off

Saturday, 21 April 2018


I TOOK A DAY OFF and trained into sydney to meet sophie gralton and john howard at the harbour.  sophie's done residencies at the art vault and was one of my first visitors at wentworth after i moved in. she came back after meeting john and they came out for brunch. he's such a lovely man, and yesterday handled people coming up and gushing about his work so graciously. felt like he'd known them forever :0)
the day was sparkling, sydney harbour looked magnificent and they convinced me to jump on the fast ferry to manly for late lunch. it reminded me so much of being on the bosphorus and eating by the water there.  i had a lovely day which included walking from central station through hyde park, down to the art gallery for a wander then across more park under the moreton bay figs to circular quay.

i did get work done nonetheless, two hours of notes about 'skip' my little book idea, then i put the little dummy book i have on the table at lunch for feedback from sophie and john, they had lots of ideas. both have possible book projects of their own so maybe we'll meet at the premiers awards in a couple of years :0) !!

first glimpse of the bridge, always exciting

grace cossington smith at the gallery

           mobbed on the ferry :0)

my hero - cool
colin the
cosmopolitan kelpie,
he goes with sophie
to the hairdresser,
on the ferry, to
cafes - always so
beautifully behaved
and loved by all

Friday, 20 April 2018


I HAVE A HAIRY COMPANION - a very large huntsman has been in my studio all week, moving from wall to window frame and back.

     EEK!!!    he's not really so scary

 yesterday as i got ready to get in the shower, i realised he was on the side of the bath next to all my clothes, i went to get the camera and came back to find him just disappearing into the tile vent.  much shaking of clothes after the shower, just in case :0(
will he come out again???


 WE SPEND A LOT OF TIME ALONE working in our rooms so it was nice this afternoon to drive to nearby blackheath to visit Margaret Hamilton, former publisher and now writer and proprietor of Pinerolo, a centre for illustrators to do residencies which houses her wonderful collection of original book illustration. she also holds workshops in aspects of children's literature and lives there with her designer/artist husband Max.
we drove back into katoomba to meet up with the blue mountains illustrators group - once again at the beautiful Carrington hotel. there were about eight of us, a lively
night of meeting new people and putting a face to names i knew well like Tohby Riddle (in the middle)

a sensational break in the clouds on the drive back from blackheath

a visitor outside my window, there were three large cockies working their way
through the tree eating the  spiky round seed pods

Thursday, 19 April 2018


HAVEN'T PICKED UP A BRUSH  for days - i must do that these last few days. the computer component of this residency is not satisfying, i don't feel i'm really good at it, don't know enough.  and i'm worried about the useability of the final files of the artwork.  i'm sure it's ok, it's just my lack of confidence that's telling me bad things. grrrr

i drove dias and rose over to leura for a quick visit and the shop i wanted to revisit was closed, no explanation, just 'we're closed' in a handwritten note :0\   then i took them to the carrington for a pre dinner drink in front of the open fire, so grand and comfy there :0)

 a detail from
two grand 6ft tall
chinese vases that
stand either side 
of the fireplace in
the main lounge

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


I'VE DONE A VISUAL for the cover of the book, just computer stuff to do and this one last piece of artwork.  hope the cover meeting approves it, i've run out of ideas, this is my third rough.


IT'S NEARLY 7 - i'm going for a clifftop walk this morning, love that path around to Echo Point.  thinking about returning to leura to buy a skirt i saw there.  I photographed it to help make up my mind, it's
a beautiful fabric.
hmmm  :0\

Monday, 16 April 2018


A GOOD DAY -  i got some stuff done super early, before i got up. drove julienne, a fellow resident, to the station and then left the car and walked to the next town, Leura.  wow! talk about wall to wall shops, little shops with locally made beautiful jewellery,  interesting clothes, all the same kinds of shops but each with its own take.  i had a lovely wander and treated myself to some handmade earrings (my gift to myself for my shortlisting, that's the excuse).  walked back (lots of hills so puffing a bit). then home and onto the bed to cradle the laptop on my lap (naturally) and do a lot of photoshopping and sorting of files all afternoon.  i got a lot done :0)
then picked up by Margaret Hamilton who has a children's book program on Blue Mountains Radio, an hour program on which i was the guest tonight.   i've met margaret years ago when she was a children's publisher, now she lives up here.
a new resident has arrived here at varuna tonight, i must get a photo of us all soon.   another great dinner from sheila, all good :0)
beautiful sundown from my room
a little later, sunset from the studio of RBM 89.1 

Margaret in her spot