Friday, 19 January 2018


ANOTHER PIC IS UNDERWAY, i've got three on the go now. one more to organise and then i'll start pulling it all together :0)

this will have a wide australian background, a mob of sheep in the foreground and a kelpie


BOY IT'S BEEN HOT - ok in the house, outside this afternoon it felt like a fan forced oven.
But i got some more clearing out done in the shed, decided it was too warm for a walk and opted for a swim in the evening, divine.

the birds seem to just handle it somehow, i keep all the birdbaths and bowls topped up. I put the sprinklers on for them sometimes but they don't really use them.  they like to got to the sprinklers when they're off and drink the tiny amounts of water that are on them.
there was a kangaroo under the trees in the shade too.

i drove into mildura in the afternoon to look more closely at the doors i want for the studio.   i know what i want now :0) 
on the way back i stopped to photograph these lovely little avocets that were on lake hawthorn. 


a little friarbird
at the birdbath,
it's been a long
parade of thirsty
birds all day

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


QUIET TIME - working on the book, walking, cleaning and sorting out the studio to clear it for renovations.  had a nice bbq with friends and their visitors from sweden sunday afternoon.

some great new pics of the grandkiddlies from sayaka


progress on the book
pics taken today of jayden and jarren scadding, sheepfarmers for the book, the next illustration to get started on 

   rob dalton's comment in the paper, he's summed it up beautifully

Saturday, 13 January 2018


I GOT STARTED on this painting today, not much more to do but detail and colour - it will be overlaid onto a collage background.
nice to be working in oils again


I FOUND the lovely little variegated wrens in my own back garden last night, got some nice shots of a young one


today - no fans,
no coolers,
no sweat!   :0)

work is progressing nicely  -  i'm living a pretty solitary life these last few weeks but it's fine.  i'm well and truly up to finishing off the last illustrations for the book and tomorrow i've got friends coming for a barbie.  next weekend too

Thursday, 11 January 2018


I'VE NEGLECTED my poor blog, i've had guests in the airbnb for four days, one a keen bird photographer so i was happy to introduce him to the island and the birds there.
They left this morning and i headed over to the island again, my nesting swan wasn't there, i hope all is well. i did see two swans on the murray, i wonder if they leave the nest unattended  :0\
we've had some lovely weather and i'm getting lots of work done, nothing exciting happening here at the moment

TODAY   a little friarbird enjoying a bath

on the island

Monday, 8 January 2018


it's a rust lover's paradise down in
the little park next
to the bridge into
wentworth. old
farm machinery
and bits of the old bridge, a fergie on
a pole and an old
log cabin

these gorgeous parrots were playing around in the old dead roses, about eight of them a long way off

this illustration will be the death of me, i've drawn it over and over, even doodling all over the age and the composition just eludes me!!  spent this afternoon on it
again, maybe it's time i put it aside for a while

 morning walk on the island today